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In 1901 the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York (the future King George V and Queen Mary) visited Mauritius on their return from Australia to the UK. They reached Mauritius on the 4th August, and left for Durban on the 8th.

The following postcards were produced localy by the Central Printing Establisment from a design by Gabriel Gillet, the reverse was left blank, but on these early used examples (12th July) (16th July) someone has typed or written details of the card.


Card addressed to Belguim to a dealer or collector with a message in French on the reverse. from the collection of Partick Kwan and reproduced here with permission, Partick has also provided the transcript and translation to English.

Note one writer claims 5,000 produced, the other 40,000.

A 10 page document was issued by the Governor General of Mauritius outlining the arrangements and protocol for the visit. Here is an extract...

Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York will probably arrive in the Harbour of Mauritius on the 5th. August. Arrangements should be made for berthing the Ophir between the Forts. The other vessels and all men-of-war should be berthed between the Ophir and the shore.
The Merchant vessels in the Harbour should be requested to dress ship and all Flags should be hoisted and displayed in the Town.
His Excellency the Governor will go on board at 2.30p.m. to pay an official visit to Their Royal Highnesses. The Governor's barge in tow of the steam launch Nina will be used for the purpose.
The Address of the Municipality will be presented in Government House immediately after the Address of the Council of Government and alll the Councillors will be presented by the Mayor.
Deputations intending to present Addresses will assemble in the Council room at Government House before 3 o'clock.
The Addresses will be presented and will all be taken as read.
The Processions will assemble in the Rue de l'Eglise in the following order:
1. Schoolchildren
2. Creoles.
3. Mahommedans.
4. Hindoos.
5. Chinese with their Dragon.
and will march past the Pavilion about 4 o'clock.
About 4.30 p.m. Their Royal Highnesses and suite will drive up Pope Hennessy street to the fountain in the Champ de Mars, back down Pope Hennessy Street and out to Le Réduit by the Chaussée and Moka Street in the same conveyances as that in which they arrived at Government House and in the same order. i.e. Their Royal Highnesses will start first in the Landau. The members of the suite proceeding to Mr Ireland's house and the Military Officers quarters will travel by a special train leaving Central Station at 5.15 p.m. and will not go by road.
Three conveyances will be provided at Mount Peveril and will be at all times at the disposal of the Mount Pervil and Villa Warsy parties. Inspector Ward will see to this.
The grounds of Le Réduit will be regarded as strictly private during the Royal visit and no unauthorised persons will be admitted thereto. Ladies and gentlemen specially invited will bring their cards of invitation.
Ladies tickets have been issued for the balconies of the Treasury and the Colonial Secretary's office. It is requested that gentlemen escorting ladies will not go on the balconies. They can either remain inside the windows or can stand on the roof so long as space permits, as every gentleman standing on a balcony displaces a lady.